Gizzmo IBC-R Version 2 Slim Electronic Boost Controller - RPM Dependant - GZM-G0926

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Gizzmo IBC-R Version 2 Slim Electronic Boost Controller - RPM Dependant - GZM-G0926

The NEW Gizzmo IBC-R is now in stock!

Incorporating RPM-Dependant boost control, we have been able to get a STANDARD Mitsubishi EVO 5 (with a remap) to hold a stable and solid 19.5psi from when it was able to make boost, right up to the rev limiter!

With a flat duty level on self-learn mode (closed loop), the best that can be achieved is 19.5psi dropping to 17.5psi.

With self-learn off (open loop), and a flat 60% duty it pulls 19.5psi, dropping to 15.8psi.

This is an indication of how effective RPM-Dependancy is!


There are VERY few controllers on the market that are able to do this, and none for under £250!


Other features include:

-Slimline Case, only 57x26mm and an incredible 18mm thick, with NO Separate Control Box!

-Normal, simple 3 wire installation (Power, Ground and RPM input)

-Solenoid just plugs into the loom

-Built in Shift Light

-SIX boost levels of your choosing

-Overboost cut out, which not only warns you, but cuts boost back to ZERO duty – ie disables the solenoid

Introducing the IBC-R Gizzmo’s New RPM dependent Boost Controller - All the best parts of the MS-IBC but with an RPM Dependant Boost Duty Modifier

You want flat boost from 3000 to 8000RPM? No problem - increase duty where needed in the RPM ranges to get the curve you want!

You want boost to come in hard and then tail off? No problem - increase initial duty, then taper it off as RPM increases.

Boost Settings, each with independant duty and gain.

RPM dependant Duty Offset -50% to +50% from 2000rpm to 9000rpm in 500rpm steps. Controls boost up to 50psi (3.5bar)

Active Overboost Control

Closed Loop Solenoid Supervisor (Switchable)

Display options: KPA, BAR, PSI, Duty, RPM Duty Offset, TACHO

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